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We Service & Repair light and medium duty diesel trucks for the Berkeley, Charleston & Dorchester SC area.


Hanahan Diesel, serving Berkeley, SC; Charleston, SC and Dorchester, SCAt Hanahan Diesel we specialize in light and medium duty diesel truck repair in the Tri-County area. Whether your diesel truck needs an overhaul, a brake job, or just an oil change, we are here to service your every need. We provide routine maintenance, solve drivability problems, and we can determine why your check engine light is on. We are proud of the many diesel certifications that our technicians hold and are constantly updating our training. We are conveniently located in Hanahan, just a short drive from anywhere in the Berkeley, Charleston, Dorchester area. Feel free to give us a call at 744-7900 to schedule an appointment or stop by anytime to discuss your diesel service needs.